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A bit about

Tipis, teepees, kåtas... people often ask if there is a right or wrong name.  The answer is no, there isn’t a right or wrong name and it doesn’t matter what you call them.

The word kåta (pronounced koorta) comes from the Sami people of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of northern Russia.  It describes the cone shaped structure that they used for warmth in the winter and to keep cool in the summer.  And it is this historic structure that inspired the tipis that we use today at World Inspired Tents.

Our tipis are made by Tentipi AB of Sweden. Despite using the latest materials and 21st century manufacturing techniques, our kåtas remain relatively unchanged from their ancestral beginnings, not least of which in their versatility.

Any number of our tipis can be linked together, to create a single covered area.  This allows us to create a bespoke space, exactly the right size for your event.

During warmer months the sides can be raised to create an airy space and a feeling of openness, or during colder months we can close the tipis down to create a warm and cosy place to hold an event.  Even on the coldest of winter days, with the open log fire and heaters the tipis can be amazingly warm and atmospheric.

We’re often asked if our tents are strong and waterproof.  The answer is yes to both.  The combination of very strong wooden poles, sourced from slow grown spruce trees in the far north, and advanced canvas material makes the tipis very strong and very weatherproof.



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