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Extra special wedding favours for your big day


You’ve enjoyed a day and evening full of fun, laughter and celebrations and you want to thank your guests for sharing your big day with you, for all their wonderful gifts and their company, but what gift is suitable for guests of all kinds? Thinking of universal wedding favours that everyone will love is tricky, but it is the thought that counts, and whatever you gift, your guests are bound to love and treasure them with fond memories.

From succulent plants to keepsakes to take home and grow in your garden, in this blog we talk about all the best wedding favours every bride and groom should consider when planning their wedding.

Mini succulent plants

On-trend home decorations and an item that takes very minimal upkeep, succulent plants are great wedding favours and can be personalised to the bride and grooms exacting tastes. Not only do succulents look amazing on the table settings, but they also make great centrepieces, perfect for a rustic wedding. Invite your guests to take their succulents home, you could personalise the pot with their names and the date of your day, a great token of a lovely day.

Make the succulents the place settings, guiding people to their seats. There are so many ways these versatile plants can be incorporated into your big day and make a great lasting gift to your guests.

We spoke to the team behind Romeo and Succulent who told us a little more about why succulents are the perfect wedding favour: “Picking wedding favours for your big day can be a minefield of choices, from chocolates and mini bottles of booze to cigars and keyrings, there are hundreds of options. In the modern, eco-friendly world we live in, offering something meaningful, sustainable and long-lasting will impress guests and encourage them to take the wedding favour home rather than leave it lying forgotten under the table at the end of the night. Mini succulent plants are an ideal and unique choice, as they are small enough to fit in a handbag or pocket, super easy to care for and are long-lived, reminding guests of your wedding day for years to come. Available in a variety of colours, including purple, sage green and pink, these tiny plants are a cute and quirky addition to any wedding day.” 

Something natural

With eco-conscious and environmentally friendly weddings set to take 2020 by storm, keeping the environment in mind can lead you to some very beautiful keepsakes for your guests. If the environment is something at the forefront of your mind when planning your wedding, making sure any packaging you use is made from recyclable packaging or sustainable resources is a great option. Ensure all contents are compostable or can be re-purposed, this way you can give lovely, meaningful gifts, without the conscience.


We spoke to the team at Beebombs, a company who handmake seed balls from local clay, compost and wildflower specimens to sustain and re-create lost bee habitats. These sustainable options are the perfect keepsake for any type of wedding, the team tell us a little more about the product:

“97% of native British Wildflower habitat has been lost since World War 2. Wildflower habitats are where bees and butterflies make their lives. Biodiversity is crucial for many reasons and wildflowers are crucial to biodiversity. With Beebombs you can re-create these lost habitats and help bring back the bees. Beebombs are native UK wildflower seed balls. Thousands of seeds from 18 different species of pollinator-friendly wildflowers encased in protective clay and nurturing soil. With no plastic in sight, Beebombs make beautiful, personalised favours for weddings, birthdays and in memoriam."


Packets of seeds are a great way of thanking your guests for attending your reception. The connotation of planting a seed and letting it grow is a little like a marriage blossoming and is a really sweet way of remembering the love between a couple. If you are planning to give a gift like seeds, make sure all the packaging is biodegradable, or the seed papers can be recycled for a full sustainable gift.

Personalised sweets

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat at a celebration? Keep the fun going even after the party ends with personalised sweet wedding favours. The team at Blush and Blossom recommend sweets or sweet treats as a wedding favour, not only are they delicious, they can be personalised to everyone’s tastes:

“You could give packets of your favourite sweets as favours. Perhaps the groom's favourites for the men, and the bride's favourites for the women. A lot of sweets can now be personalised including Love Hearts and M&Ms. It's something guests can either have a nibble on ahead of the meal or keep for later as a little evening snack. Who isn't going to love free chocolate or sweets? Just pop them in a clear bag labelled 'Love is Sweet'.”

Charity donations

A really special way to give a gift with a deeper meaning is to organise a charity donation on behalf of all of your guests. Instead of spending money on a small gift to say thank you, say thank you on their behalf by giving some money to a chosen charity.

Choose a charity close to your heart or one you know everyone would love to support and make a donation of the money you would have spent on gifts. You could create some cards on behalf of your chosen charity to thank your guests for their thoughtful gifts.

Wedding soundtracks

Who doesn’t love a boogie? Wedding playlists are the ultimate mix of old and new, different genres and styles, the perfect mix for guests of all ages.

Gifting your guests your wedding playlist means they can keep hold of their memories from the event for years to come. Apply them to a USB or CD and place them on each table setting as a little surprise.

One Fab Day talk bout DIY wedding soundtracks on their website: “A hark back to the mix-tape days, creating a CD of your favourite songs as a couple, the wedding playlist or songs that reflect your relationship or memories from your single days is a fun gift to give to wedding guests. The secret to this wedding favour is as with the others, presentation - come up with a pretty design or label that works with your style.”

Scented soap

Organic scented soap is a gift everyone will love! Go the extra mile and tailor the scents to your guests and colours to their personalities. You could even design soap bars based on star signs for something a little more quirky. Wrap them nicely, add a bow and display on the table for full effect.

No matter what plans you have for your big day and how you want to say thank you to your friends and family, enjoying your extra special day is what matters the most. If you’re still planning some aspects of your day, why not hire a tipi and plan your very own tipi wedding? Get in contact with us to plan your perfect wedding under the stars.

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