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The best thank you gifts to give to the wedding party


Getting married is one of the most magical moments of our lives and sharing those amazing memories with family and friends is what the special day is all about. As the bride and groom, you may want to tell your friends, family and the loved ones around you how much they mean to you on this beautiful day with a special gift to say thank you.

We spoke to Micaela who blogs at Life in Lilac, she told us a little more about why she thinks treating the wedding party to a gift is an important factor: “I think it is important to show that you appreciate all their support leading up to and on the big day. A wedding isn't just about the couple, it's about everyone who has been a friend to them, and a gift will recognise this.”

Giving wedding party gifts has been a tradition for centuries. The bride and groom will often give their direct family, bridesmaids and ushers a little gift to say thank you and we love you. Choosing what sort of present or gesture to give can be difficult, but in this article, we breakdown the gifts that married couples often choose to give to their nearest and dearest to make your decision a little easier.

Your partner

In those quiet moments before the hustle and bustle of wedding day starts, it can be really special to exchange gifts with your soon to be husband or wife, that way, the gifts will hold memories of your magical day forever.

A mixtape – An age-old way of holding memories, making a mixtape is a thoughtful way to share all of the memories you have together through your favourite songs. If you don’t want to create a physical copy, you could create a playlist online and share it with your loved one so they can keep it on their phone or tablet.

A happiness journal – A happiness journal is a unique and thoughtful way of documenting all the happy times you have had together. A journal of this kind doesn’t have to be all about the past, you can continue to fill it after your wedding day and include photos from the day itself and your honeymoon.

Customised clothing – Customised clothing is a lovely way of surprising your partner on your big day. To avoid seeing each other on the wedding morning, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can exchange the gifts on your behalf. Engraved wedding shoes, tie pins and cufflinks are a great sentimental gift.

Personalised luggage tags – The perfect gift for your honeymoon or upcoming trip, personalised luggage tags can be used again and again, so that on upcoming trips away you will always be reminded of the wonderful day you had together.

The parents

Giving a gift to both sets of parents is a lovely way to show your gratitude for all the help and support they have shown throughout the planning process and on the big day. There is an abundance of gifts that’ll show them how much you care, but which one is the best option for you?

A bunch of flowers – Simply, yet effective. A bunch of flowers is a great way of saying thank you and can be tailored to suit your parent’s exacting tastes. Create the ultimate bunch that includes all of their favourite flowers, add a personalised message and present it to them at your reception or get it sent to their house as a surprise after the big day.

A photo of the happy couple – Nothing will make them smile more than a photo of the bride and groom, either on their wedding day or a previous memory that evokes happy emotions. A great way of adding an extra magical touch; get a special date or their names engraved on a frame so the gift is totally unique and always reminds them of that day.

A spa day – Treating them to a spa day is probably just what they will need after the busyness of preparations before the wedding. Take them away with you and your partner or gift them a voucher to use at their leisure.

Your bridesmaids

Sonia Collette who blogs at the UK wedding blog Want That Wedding told us a little about why she thinks wedding party gifts are a lovely touch: “Wedding party gifts are a special way to thank your party for all their help and support in the run-up to your big day. Not only a tradition - Nothing beats seeing the mother of the bride presented with a gorgeous bunch of blooms, or the groomsmen presented with a unique and thoughtful gift.”

To the bride, buying a gift for the bridesmaids is often something they think long and hard about to ensure their choice is perfect. From personalised gifts to a keepsake they can treasure forever, saying thank you for their continued support and effort on the big day is an age-old tradition.

Personalised clutch – A personalised clutch is a wonderful gift to present before the ceremony or even after the big moment. Bridesmaids can choose to use the clutch throughout the day or save it for special occasions, either way, it will have connotations of the happy friendship you have.

Jewellery - A traditional gift for the maids of the bride, jewellery is a great token of thanks. Whether it is a necklace, ring or bracelet, it could even be a piece of jewellery they wear on the day that you allow them to keep.

Candle – Candles are a timeless gift and can easily be tailored to the recipient. A personalised case or scent is a lovely added touch for the special ladies.

Zodiac print – A lovely way of displaying your affection is to invest in a Zodiac print that represents their personality and what you love about them most. A keepsake they can display in their house to remind them of you.

The Gift Experience explains a little more on their website about gift-giving and the best times to do this: “A traditional option is to give your bridesmaids their gifts the night before the wedding during the rehearsal dinner. Often, the giving of gifts takes place during the speeches at this dinner and gives the bride the chance to thank her bridesmaids in front of very close family and friends – the wedding party – and give them a gift that might be a little cumbersome the next day.

The best man and groomsmen  

“It's an honour for the most important men in your life to stand by your side as you say “I do,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thoughtful in your approach to saying thanks. Hence, the groomsmen gift. Consider it repayment for the stressed wedding planning they had to endure, the tux they had to rent, the tickets they had to book, or the date they had to find.” Esquire detail on their website.

It may feel like buying a gift for your best men is tricky, but with a little imagination, there are a myriad wonderful gift that’ll make them smile after a busy year of planning and preparation.

“Something that can be worn on the day and cherished afterwards; bracelets or necklaces for the ladies, cufflinks or tie pins for the gents.” Says Micaela.

Hip flasks – Quite a popular choice as a groomsmen gift, hip flasks will always be a winner. Perfect for keeping their favourite tipple cool and a great reminder of wonderful friends.

Luxury shaving kit – What man wouldn’t appreciate a luxury shaving kit? Perfect for the bearded fellow in the group and a lovely all-round gift everyone can appreciate.

Whisky stones – Much like a hip flask, whisky or alcohol stones are always going to come in handy and make a great gift that can be used again and again. These sorts of gifts come with a respectable price tag so could come as part of a little hamper or set along with a hip flask.

Personalised glass or mug – Perfect for holding their favourite tipple or for a relaxing cup of tea, a mug or personalised glass is a popular wedding gift and a practical one too.

No matter what you decide to treat your wedding party too on the big day, the moment is all about you and a day you will treasure forever, so making sure every element is perfect is essential. We offer teepee hire for almost every event, including weddings, get in contact today to find out how we can transform your wedding day into a truly unforgettable event.

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