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The second instalment of our ‘tipi styling inspiration’ season is focusing on hanging decorations and the plentiful poles that the tipis provide for our customers to beautify.

We are pleased to see that the trend for hanging decorations seems to be here to stay. Any styling that incorporates our beautiful tipi structures is a winner for us, and we can offer our customers more poles to decorate than they can shake a (slow grown Nordic pine) stick at!

We have consulted one of our Open Weekend stylists, Jan Davies from Granny Janny’s Bunting, for her thoughts and tips on how best to utilise the tipi poles to create the look you want for your tipi event.

“Horizontal poles
Bunting can be hung vertically, horizontally or diagonally across the tipis and always looks good, whichever way you hang it. It works particularly well when it follows the circular shapes of the tipis e.g. hung from the nine horizontal poles in each tipi, either in swags attached at each pole-joint or level with the poles. The nine pole-joints in each hat (where the uprights meet the horizontals) are also a great place from which to hang ribbons as streamers or use those points for large flower heads like sunflowers or bunched foliage such as eucalyptus, rosemary, barley or lavender in bunches tied with raffia or ribbons & hung upside-down.  

For a woodland or garden look, just simply wrap the horizontal poles in long strands of foliage, which makes a great combination with the fairy lights. For late summer or autumn events the poles can be garlanded in hop bines.  The horizontal poles are also suitable for hanging flower or foliage curtains or bottles of flowers, provided they don’t hang too low. Lanterns & votives can also be hung from the poles but they must have battery tea lights rather than naked flames (safety first!). 

Vertical poles
Climbing fairy lights are available for the Giant Hats. They are lovely on their own or can be combined with other decorations or ribbons. For a simple but effective look, just wind some long strands of ivy or soft ruscus up the poles. Clematis or other garden climbers work too and can be kept fresh by standing them in a small water pot fixed to the pole base. Garlands made from fresh-cut foliage or flowers, which are then wrapped around the vertical poles look stunning, particularly at the entrance & the inclusion of rosemary, thyme and lavender sprigs adds a beautiful fragrance.“

In addition to the poles, the tipi peaks also provide a great opportunity to add to you look or theme. We have a whole range of lighting options to use in the peaks (have a look over on our Furnishings page for more details), including ‘drape’ fairy lights, mirror balls and a staggered light centrepiece which can be dressed with foliage or florals. We have also seen customers use chandeliers, lanterns, pom poms and piñatas. Take a look at the gallery below for an idea of the many looks that work in the tipis.

If you have any styling or tipi event questions please call us on 01271 851160, or email [email protected].

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