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Tipi Styling Inspiration – Rustic Pinewood Tables



We’ve been collecting up the most common questions that we’re asked when you start planning the details of your tipi weddings and events. Not the big stuff that you can read about in our FAQs, but all the tipi styling touches that help you create your dream event.

We have asked our team and some of our supplier friends for their thoughts, and have created albums of images for you to peruse at your leisure.

To kick off we are looking at styling our pinewood tables, the most recently (and frequently) asked question in the office, for those of you who are going for the more informal seating option.

First of all you need to know the table dimensions. They are 2m long and 70cm wide. The tables are constructed from three planks, each 21cm wide, with a 3.5cm gap between each.

The tables can seat four people along each side if you choose benches (which are especially lovely with skins), or three people along each side if you opt for folding chairs. Some people choose a combination of both chairs and benches.

If you are arranging the tables separately, and are opting for three chairs on each side, there is also space for a chair at either end, allowing for eight guests per table.

Please consider the gaps when thinking about tablecloths. We recommend you avoid cloths that cover the whole table, as glasses can end up tipping over if the gaps are covered. Runners work brilliantly along the middle planks, allowing plenty of space for table settings either side.

As for what styling ideas work, we have seen just about every look and colour scheme pulled off in the tipis. From really simple grasses in bottles, to heaps of flowers and candles. These tables can look far more ‘luxe’ than some people expect, or really minimal if that’s the feel you are going for. Have a peruse of the gallery below for some examples.

If you have any questions regarding styling, seating or anything else tipi related, please do get in touch.

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